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There are so many great site creating a constant stream of modern day sewing bees across the Internet. Our favorite talented bloggers are sharing their craft online and connecting with other crafters. Let's make it easy to discover new parts of the community through quilt alongs, BOM, link parties & more!

Quilt Alongs & BOM

In a quilt alongs and block of the month' a host chooses a quilt pattern. Then on a schedule they walk through it helping you to complete the challenge your own while sharing your progress

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Share your latest projects and posts with other bloggers across the Internet or just browser to find new inspiration through these weekly or monthly recurring link parties

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Latest Updates!

Apr 18, 2020 - Oh wow, been a long while. That one's on me. Do you know how sometimes you have a project, like a quilt that you work your heart out on and then have to go back and fix a lot of things, over and over again? It burns you out. That's what web development / web content creation is sometimes...except that tt's never ending. You can only ever keep up or fall behind. There is no finished product. When you build new features they break and need fixing, then you fall behind on updating content (be it blogging, or currating quilt alongs or link parties). I had so many great experiences building this site but it grew stale because I work on a lot of projects in rotations that are unpredictible. That's the funky thing about websites vs art. People will accept when your art looks incomplete but I've had people get down right mad at me by email, for not updating the site. Or get mad when my information becomes out of date. It's rather disheartening. This was my art project, code is poetry. I'm going to try and get more updates out, but until then keep sewing, learning & exploring my dears!

On Apr 20, 2020 I added https support. Moving towards a more secure Internet one site at a time! 🎉

Dec 2014 - Bare with me, web development is my full time job but this project is my "fun time job" which consequently eats up my quilting time. Cheer me on through my blog Childlike Fascination, by sharing & posting about Quilt and submitting new ideas! There's a bunch more features coming in the first few months of 2015!